Make your own show


You’re sick and tired about listen to DJs from all over the world and you still believe that you could do it in a better way? So let’s try another Paradise-Webradio special.

What do you need?

  1. a broadcasting software like SAM Broadcaster or any other shoutcast broadcasting software
  2. mp3 files – you should have at least 100 songs
  3. a DSL 3000 internet line
  4. at least 14 years of age

We need these infos:

  1. What music genre do you want to broadcast
  2. Date and time - please use GMT (London)
  3. Your name and  country of origin

How do you can get in touch with us? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C. Send us an e-Mail to admin[at]paradise-webradio[dot]com with the infos from “We need these infos?” section


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Oooops! Stupid persons!!!

screenshot_hackAs you can see on our screenshot there is a stupid person from Nazicountry (they call it Germany) who tried to log in as admin.

This stupid person tried three times and submit his IP address to our network database which is emailed to us by a cron job every 6 hours.

Some want-to-be hackers from Germany are as stupid as their grandparents were in 1933-1945. They really think they can do a bad job and never ever get the attention of being punished by us.


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Welcome to …! 

We changed all that belongs to this website. Because of our second announcement below.

So we’ve got two announcements. First of all we’ve got two new shows! They are:

Talkshow - all about sports entertainment.
Just4U - hits from the past 60 years. Especially “Rock music”.
Still in our program: Wake-Up with Bjoern live from Germany.

We do also announce -and it’s our second announcement- that Paradise-Webradio has new team leaders and admins.

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