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    1. Case: Girl on wedding party

      In 1000 Soul City Tewkesbury in England, a spirit was allegedly photographed at a wedding reception. The teenager Jordan Sanders should document the wedding reception with a digital camera, whereupon it after looking through the pictures a "ghost girl" with long black Hair found on one of the photos.

    The owner (Kev Watkins) of the club by the celebration took place, which can only confirm. He reported that over the years always happen strange inexplicable things. Especially when he is alone in the club, he has always the feeling that someone is behind him ... (this text was translated by google because the text was in a foreign language. But I think you could understand what's the meaning of)

    2. Case: Ghost in the woods

      "The Ghost in the Woods": The picture appears to show a strange ghostly figure in the trees. Sceptics' explanation: Probably simply a mixture of shadows, leaves and branches.

    Even the britisch "The Telegraph" published this story. BTW: Did you ever saw branches like these? I never saw them.

    3. Case: Christmas Ghosts (Original post here)

      It was Christmas 2009.

    The kids had just woken up and the family was gathered together to exchange gifts. The light peeking through the front window was bright enough that the interior lighting did not require being on for them to see their gifts. The tree was lit and I was randomly taking photos with my cell phone, the HTC Evo 3G, of the family opening their gifts and just random shots here and there. The three younger kids were scattered on the floor, Dad was on the end of the couch, my (then) husband was in the middle of the couch, my oldest daughter was standing next to the tree and I was directly in front of the TV stand slightly to the left in front of a recliner chair.

    I took approximately 272 photos that morning & an entire video, no footage of what I captured on my cell, yet never noticed a single image of the spirit on any of the photos in their small version via my cell, but what appeared on my laptop in a larger view amazed the heck out of me. I have been a magnet for these types of encounters since the age of 16 when my Godfather passed away. I have been touched, spoken to, given mental images, as well as prevented harm from happening to those I come into contact with who need it. The photo here is of our Christmas spirit, a female and a gentle soul. As you look at her positioning to the left of my step-son, she is flowing gracefully to the right. I have had the pleasure of knowing a few paranormal investigators, one of which has tried to debunk the photo using a different light spectrum, and has yet to call it fake, photo shopped or touched up. It is not a joke, nor is it smoke and most definitely not a reflection. It is simply the real deal, our own Christmas spirit.

    4. Case: Ghosts in the closet (Original post here)

      Back in 2012, my family bought a new house. The house was old, big and dusky. As I helped my mom unpack the kitchen supplies, we started talking about how our lives were going to change as we started off fresh.

    Once we finished unpacking, my parents went out to the old house to get the rest of the boxes. I stayed. I went up stairs to go to the restroom. I began to have a weird feeling about this house. As I was looking around the rooms, I heard someone move a chair. I was freaked out because I was the only one in the house. I didn't even dare to go check it out. Months passed. My friend Elycia came over for a slumber party. She was admiring my house and how big it was. While she went to go to the restroom, I stayed outside waiting for her. The restroom was close to the stairs. As I waited, my puppy was in my room under the bed. She suddenly went running down the stairs, barking. Then she came up the stairs, stopping in the middle of the staircase, crying and barking. Again I heard the sound of a chair being pulled. I ran into my room scared out of my mind, leaving my friend in the bathroom.

    More days passed. Waking up one morning as the sun shone against the wall, I saw the shadow of a man walk past behind me. I froze. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't even scream or even get up. I stayed in my bed for 7 minutes, but the shadow was still there. I finally got up and ran. I woke up my dad. He went outside to check, but no one was there.

    The next day I called my friend Ana over. As we ate, I started to tell her the things that had been happening at this house. She didn't believe me, so she spent the night. In my room, were were both on our phones when the light started to turn on and off by itself. Then it stayed off and we jumped and ran to the corner of my bed. The closet door opened and I saw a figures of a man with a little girl in a white dress. I started to scream and yell. Then the lights went back on. The worst thing was... the little girl was laughing.

    Important to know...
    is the paranormal terminology. Whenever ghost hunters do their "job" they know a lot of these stuff. But they also know their technical equipment like infrared cameras, voice recorders and so on.
    To learn more about paranormal terminology please click here.
    To learn more about paranormal technical equipment please click here.

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